Embody the Sacred Breath of Life

I AM my I AM presence and I AM ONE with ALL.  As an instrument of God/Source, I am the Lamb of Light and my mission while here on Earth is to assist and facilitate awakening of the Heart, through energy healing, prayer and spiritual connection within all people.  I want nothing more than for all beings on Earth to experience a heart full of Love and to share the Light with ALL. 

It is time for this healing to take place and that we assist in the breaking of old patterns of toxicity which no longer serve us individually or as a collective whole.  By healing the child wounded within we develop compassion, empathy, forgiveness for ourselves as well as others.  A life void of pain and suffering is within reach to ALL.  Abundance, ease of manifesting, peace and love is the true innate nature of all of God's children. 

Humbly surrender to Mother/Father God and you will experience the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Until we meet I am sending love and light from my heart to yours.



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Rachel Ann Naples

I am formally trained in intuitive guidance, Reiki & Animal Reiki, massage therapy, acupressure, healing herbs, chakra healing & alignment and meditation.  I have over 25 years in the exploration and  understanding of esoteric and metaphysical concepts as well as natural healing arts.